Eco-friendly Toilet Paper


Buy eco-friendly toilet paper (or bathroom tissue, as we prefer to call it) produced by a Black-owned manufacturer and sold by The Defenders Paper Company, a social enterprise run by teen boys in Marin City.

All Freedom paper products are healthy for you and healthy for our environment. These products are free from cancer-causing dioxins found in most leading brands, and biodegradable and are made from 100% recycled paper.

Freedom bathroom tissue is 2-ply, 500 sheets per roll.

See volume discounts and pricing below.

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Price per role of Freedom Bathroom Tissue, 2-ply, 500 sheets/roll:

  • $0.77/roll when you buy 96 rolls
  • $0.83/roll when you buy 48 rolls
  • $0.83/roll when you buy 24 rolls
  • $1.00/roll when you buy 1 roll

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96-roll pack, 48-roll pack, 24-roll pack, single (1) roll


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